Five To One is a classic rock band with a focus on "B" side songs.  The band was formed in 2000 by Bill Kita and Bill Nowak, two high school band mates from the group "Wonder Bread".  The band originally had five members, prompting the name Five to One; five artists creating one song.   Although new band members have joined and the band has grown to six members, the band continues to add to the repertoire and perform throughout the Buffalo metro area.  

Abby Unger

Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Abby Unger joined the band as a full time member in the Spring of 2007.  She has a wonderful voice and has been singing with the band since 2006.  We welcome Abby and know that she brings tremendous vocal talent to the band!

Bill Kita

Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals

Bill Kita plays rhythm guitar for Five to One, and sings both lead and harmony. He began his musical career as a trumpet player, and later, sometime during the Johnson administration, played drums in the band Wonder Bread along with Bill Nowak, whose musicianship he idolizes. He has played in his church folk group since 1979, and has contributed instrumentally, vocally, and technically on various local recordings. His favorite guitars are a pair of (Rhode Island) Guilds, a D-55 acoustic, and a Starfire IV electric, which he plays through Fender amps.

Bill Nowak

Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Bill Nowak is a unique talent. He has played bass with many local bands, including Prism, the Outer Circle Orchestra, Sunshower, the Alphonse T'omato Band, the Beth O'Hara Band, Red Headed Stepchild, DeeDee Ellis and the Wildcats, and now Five To One. His career started in high school playing in the band Wonder Bread with Bill Kita, Mike Kerker, Steve Korta, Mike Connell and Mike Love. Five to One is currently performing 5 of Bill's original compositions. Bill plays his vintage 1965 Fender Precision Bass, and once in a great while, his Yamaha fretless. 

Bill Solak

Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Bill Solak's musical career started at age 8 with the school band and orchestra. After college, his musical career took him through a technical period as a DJ. Bill later returned to the drums, initially for personal enjoyment and then as a member of Five To One. Other performances include church and school productions at St Bernadette's Catholic Church. Bill plays Ludwig drums, Zildjian cymbals, Remo drum heads, Regal Tip Drumsticks and Ludwig hardware,  The band currently performs 2 of Bill's original songs that were co-written with Bill Kita.

Bob James

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Bob James is a veteran of local groups such as the Restless, the Rain, Third Floor Strangers, and Big Happy Family on guitar and vocals, where he used basic rock and roll as a canvas to portray some of life’s deepest feelings. Known more for his contributions to area music as a promoter and producer, he has been recorded on numerous albums and has influenced a generation of new talent as a music educator and as a songwriter. His discography spans 23 years as a performer. His programs, which include This Is It, War Is Over, Buffalo Classic Rock, and his collaboration with Music In Action have earned Bob acclaim in his field. Bob sees a need for music to be more than a pleasing melody and has spent his life making a difference in the lives of those who listen.

Mario Nunez

Bongos, Congas, Flute, Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals

Mario Nunez joined the band full time in 2006. He strengthens the rhythm section with bongos, congas and lots of other percussion. Mario's first public performance was at age 8 playing claves while his mother sang and played guitar at a women's club. After years of complaining about the weight of percussion equipment he took up the flute, which was so much lighter, but that only added that weight to the conga and bongos. He has played in a variety of folk and rock groups over the years..